The Stopper ( Early Christmas Sale )

The Stopper ( Early Christmas Sale )

The Stopper ( Early Christmas Sale )

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No more fighting with corks. For any Wine, Champagne, Beer or Soda bottle. Keep your drinks fresh and maintain their natural flavor for weeks.





✅ Efficient conservation: Fits perfectly with any bottle of any size. Tightly locks the gas, preventing the bubbles from escaping and ruining the flavor.
  Compact design: Sits harmoniously on your bottles, offering an exquisite look, suitable for any place.
      Ease of use: A fast and easy way to seal and unseal your beverages. Just rotate the mechanism to lock or unlock. No more fighting with the screws!
    ✅  Wide application: Fits any wine, beer, champagne, and soft drink bottles. Great choice for your home, bar, or an event, such as weddings. Also a great gift for your friend who loves wine.
        High Quality: Made from food grade ABS silicone. Difficult to wear out, but easy to clean. Serves you forever, basically. 


        The only wine stopper you'll ever need.

        Premium Quality
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        60 Day Guarantee
        99.5% Customer Satisfaction